The Garden Party

Photos of Vegetables

A fine crop of carrots - August 2015

Okra plant, August 2015

Tomatoes ripening on the vine, June 27, 2015

Green tomatoes - July 4, 2015

Ripening tomatoes

Early grow tunnel starter sprouts

Malabar spinach seeds

Summer 2014

Malabar spinach and carrots, 2014

Garlic harvest, 2014

Burgundy pole bean

Summer blossoms


Garlic harvest

Mouse melon cucumbers

Mouse melon cucumbers

Malabar spinach, 2014

May 1 Seedlings

A small garlic crop this year - August 2015

The Garden Party's first potato harvest

Summer beans

Malabar spinach - late summer 2013

Early Garlic

Experimenting with a Seed Cover

Chinese Red Noodle Beans, August 2012

Mystery gourds, August 2012

Hungarian wax pepper plants, July 2012

Egg plant, July 2012

Still growing December 3, 2011

Early spring 2011

Beans in flower

Spring 2011

Bordeaux spinach that survived the winter - April 2011

Beans, July 2011

July 2011

Kale and squash in front garden

Chives and garlic

Dill in the herb garden

Colourful varieties of lettuce June 2011

Lettuce - June 2011

Parsley in the herb garden

Marzano tomatoes

Swiss chard crop, 2011

Summer squash, August 2011

Children's garden, July 2011

Sunflowers in the children's garden

Malabar spinach from the STOP's greenhouse


Staking Tomatoes

August 2009
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The Garden Party at Redeemer Lutheran - 1691 Bloor St West Toronto ON, M6P 1B1 - High Park Community Garden
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