The Garden Party


New volunteer Julie at the Spring Dig, April 18, 2015

Anna checking her plans, Spring Dig April 2015

Meghan and helpers at 2015 Spring Dig

Spring 2015

Raking leaves at the Spring Dig, April 2015

Preparing the beds, early May 2015

Emily at the helm, May 2015

May 2015

Jeannie and Christine loading up the compost, Spring 2015

Roberta getting ready to plant, May 2015

Readying the potato bed, May 2015

Adding triple mix soil to the beds, May 2015

Jeannie taking down the lights, Spring Dig 2015

Spring 2014

Tomato plants ready to go, spring 2014

Robin and Roberta's lavender plants, spring 2014

Potato straw bed, spring 2014

Spring 2014

Growing potatoes in straw, 2014

Tomato Row, 2014

Getting ready to plant

Ready, set, shovel - Spring Dig 2014

New top soil - Spring Dig 2014

Marlene and Louie in the garden, Spring 2014

Juan, Louie and Connie wait out the rain - June 2012

Lindsey harvesting on a rainy Saturday - June 2012

Early June 2012

Broad beans - June 2012

New lettuce crop - May 2012

May 2012

May 2012

Protecting spring seedlings

Snow shower April 2011

Christine and Anna battle with the composter - March 2012

Rich compost ready for use - March 2012

Anna and Joe unload the compost

Volunteers topping up the beds - Seeding Saturday, March 2012

Cold frame - March 24, 2012

Protecting spring seedlings

Planting pansies on "Seeding Saturday" - March 24, 2012

Seeds sprouting in cold frame - April 2011

Inside the cold frame - April 2011

Spring seedlings in cold frame

Winter garlic - April 2011

Bordeaux spinach that survived the winter

Experimental "mini greenhouses"

Spring crop - April 2011

Cold frame gift from grade 5 Upper Canada College students

Meghan mixing up the composter

Christine with earth to top up the gardens
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The Garden Party at Redeemer Lutheran - 1691 Bloor St West Toronto ON, M6P 1B1 - High Park Community Garden
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