The Garden Party

St. Joan of Arc Expansion

Since 2010, The Garden Party has been growing vegetables along a narrow strip of land, belonging to neighbouring St. Joan of Arc Church, on the other side of the fence in the front garden of the Redeemer Lutheran site.  Garlic, eggplant and tomatoes have done extremely well on this high ledge as a result of the sunny exposure.
In 2011, St. Joan of Arc invited The Garden Party to expand onto a larger plot of land adjacent to and above Father Dan's garage.  At the end of 2011, Garden Party volunteers cut an entry point into the metal fence so that access could be made to the new garden.  There was some preliminary work undertaken in the fall of 2011 to clear some of the weeds and brush, but as it was late in the season, planting did not begin until 2012.
In the spring of 2012, work began in earnest to ready the St. Joan of Arc plot for gardening.  The roots and weeds were cleared away and small garden beds were created .  One of the planters donated in 2011 by Upper Canada College students has also found a home here.  This "hidden garden" has become a welcome oasis for tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, onions and bok choy.

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The Garden Party at Redeemer Lutheran - 1691 Bloor St West Toronto ON, M6P 1B1 - High Park Community Garden
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